Digital Projects

In addition to print articles and other forms of linear writing, I study and practice composition in other modes and media. At present, a podcast called Rhetoricity is a key part of that work. This page highlights a few of my digital publications. For a more extensive overview of my digital work, you can check out my digital portfolio.

Zeugma Podcast

From 2012-13, a primary part of my work was serving as project leader for Zeugma, a podcast on rhetoric and technology sponsored by and housed within UT’s Digital Writing and Research Lab.

I oversaw the first season of the podcast, which launched in the fall of 2012.

You can check it out and subscribe to the podcast via the Zeugma website, Liberated Syndication, and iTunes:

Emerging Pedagogies

In 2012 and 2013, I received Emerging Pedagogies travel grants from Pearson. Each of these grants allowed me to create a multimedia project centered on the Conference on College Composition and Communication. My 2012 project is a four-part video series featuring interviews with various rhetoric and composition scholars. My 2013 project is a Prezi presentation that explores different ways of visualizing and re-presenting the 2013 CCCC program. I’ve included links to more detailed descriptions of these respective projects below.

Digital Writings

My short-form digital writing has been featured by a number of blogs and other websites, including the London School of Economics and Political Science’s Impact of Social Sciences blog, Andrea Lunsford’s Bits: Ideas for Teaching Composition, and the English Instructor Exchange. While at UT-Austin, I also contributed to the Digital Writing and Research Lab’s sites, including the visual rhetoric blog viz., a blog about teaching called¬†Blogging Pedagogy, and the lab’s library of online lesson plans.