Digital Dialog 2

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For my second Digital Dialog badge, I submitted the work I did for the 2013-14 HASTAC rhet/comp working group. I submitted this artifact under the heading of “remediated texts and mash-ups.”

For that working group’s project, I proposed turning the DWRL’s 2014 Speaker Series workshop into a participatory webinar. I made my original proposal in January 2014, and spent the following months working and coordinating with graduate students at five other institutions: St. Cloud State, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Miami of Ohio, Washington State, and Wayne State. I also coordinated with our speaker, Dr. Jody Shipka of the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. Dr. Shipka’s workshop focused on remediation and multimodal composition, and communicating with her and other members of the working group helped familiarize me with discourse around remediation.

On the day of the workshop itself, not only did I remediate my own “evocative objects” as part of the workshop and dialogue with others in the lab during the workshop’s rapid-response and reflection portions—I also remediated the workshop itself, interacting with webinar participants via a combination of PBWorks, Twitter, and Skype. For the group’s final project, I contributed both a written introduction and a video of the DWRL Speaker Series presentation Dr. Shipka gave following the workshop. The opening of the video includes a highlight reel from the workshop. All in all, this undertaking put me in conversation—via email, Skype, Twitter, and so on—with other lab members, Dr. Shipka, and graduate students at a range of institutions.