Productivity and Digital Workflow

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For my primary productivity and digital workflow artifact, I submitted “Procrastinating,” one of the episodes of the first season of Zeugma.

I was project leader during the season this episode was produced, and researching the episode allowed me to discover and experiment with a number of productivity tools, including online platforms and programs as well as analog tools. The most obvious evidence of this is my appearance in the episode (32:00-37:25), during which I discuss, use, and reflect on my use of the Pomodoro Technique.

Though it isn’t highlighted in the episode, another online tool I learned of while making my segment has since been of particular use to me: I used 750 Words to generate annotations for my field exam and chapter summaries for my prospectus, finding its design and the metrics it generates a useful way to compose low-stakes drafts without a will to perfection.

Though not explicitly a productivity tool, also helped me maintain momentum during my field exam reading. My profile on the site allowed me to create a “field exam” reading list and keep quantitative track of my overall progress on that reading. It also gave me a relatively public forum in which to publish my annotations. Though this begins to overlap with the “Social Networking” category, what I’d like to emphasize here is that the sense of quantification and publication I got from Goodreads provided me with a sense of progress and motivation.