Web Presence

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For my Web Presence badge, I submitted this very website.

I built this website by combining a few modes of web development. I began with my DWRL instructor site, which was built in Drupal 7. Wanting a briefer and more memorable URL, however, I purchased the domain name “rheteric.org” (as in “RhetEric.org”). I used my knowledge of HTML5 and CSS (learned with the book Head First HTML, available from the lab’s library) to build a basic home page with a redirect link to my instructor site. My primary HTML project, however, was building the interface for my video project Four Movements: Medi(t)ations on CCCC 2012. In addition to Head First, I used a variety of online resources to build Four Movements: I built the various icons on the page in Photoshop. After being advised that the page’s initial color scheme wasn’t ideal, I used Adobe Color CC to generate a new scheme.

Though I haven’t undertaken any equally ambitious HTML projects since building “Four Movements,” my knowledge of HTML5 and CSS has allowed me to tweak to the materials located on this Drupal site. For instance, the right sidebar features a “Recent Reading” box. Though the basic code for that box is drawn from a Goodreads widget, I was able to tweak its colors, fonts, size, etc. to match the overall design of the site.